This GMO scandal will shake the very foundations of America

It's uglier than anything you've seen. Forget about toxicity... or gut problems... or even cancer. What you're about to hear takes the cake... in what could just be the greatest conspiracy against the American people.

A conspiracy to strip Americans of one of the last God-given rights that we still have: the right to feed ourselves and our families.

As you'll soon discover, in the name of "feeding the world", evil corporations like Monsanto have joined forces with Washington... using GMOs as the "ultimate weapon" against the US population... taking your money while enslaving farmers & regular people alike to the Big Agri monopolies...

You'll finally understand WHY you're paying 19% more on food prices this year... and why prices are likely to sky-rocket even more in the next few months... even when there's enough food in the world to feed 12 billion people. It's NOT because of the drought... it's something that will make your hair curl.

I'll show you exactly why there isn't any time to lose, if you want to avoid a dark future where your family is forced to live on food-stamps and GMOs. And even if this might sound impossible, I'll show you a simple way to "self reliance in seven days".

Use this little method, and you'll escape the total control of Big Government and Big Agri... while at the same time feeding your family a lifetime of fresh, tasty, GMO-free food. While you're at it, you'll save hundreds of dollars each month... thousands every single year... knowing that you're doing your part in fighting the liberal agenda I'm about to expose.

My name's Alec Deacon... and I made the discovery that changed my life... while looking in the unlikeliest of places. I, like so many other dads, stumbled on too many studies showing the insidious effects GMOs had on lab animals. A destroyed gut here, a cancerous lump there, it was enough to realize that this was no way to feed my family. GMO had to go. But that proved easier said than done.

You see, GMOs are in just about everything. Every 4 out of 5 processed foods have it, no wonder the food industry is fighting tooth and nail over not labeling it. They'd all go bankrupt. Baby food, crackers, bread, breakfast cereal, chocolate, ketchup, airy, pasta, pizza... you name it. It's made of GMOs.

The remaining 20% is not GMO free either... because engineered crops make their way into cattle fodder... and sometimes even in organic fields.

Not even your clothes escaped the GMO invasion.93% of cotton is engineered... in fact, it's likely that you've got GMOs in your underwear!

So I asked myself... what's the deal with so many GMO crops? As sure as hell it's not for health reasons. It's got to be because of higher yields, right?

The answer is NO. A scientific report called "Failure to Yield", by Dr. Doug Gurian Sherman, debunked this claim that GMOs will "feed the world". In fact, in controlled field trials, GM corn yield was 12% lower than conventional one. Soy was even worse - half the yields of conventional crops.

So if they're not feeding the world... what are they really doing? Why plant something if you know it's worse than the conventional thing? The answer to this question made my blood boil.

I discovered that after assaulting gun ownership, privacy, rainwater collection rights and other age-old freedoms Americans grew up with... the US government has declared war on your food freedom - and GMOs are the ultimate weapon.

  • Big Agri - your money
  • Government - total control
  • They joined forces and GMOs are the way they're achieving this

In fact, I was able to pinpoint 3 deadly attacks biotech companies are orchestrating against our freedoms. The result? Food prices will continue to soar, just like the number of people of food stamps. And soon enough, all of America will be trading food stamps for GMOs.

GMO attack #1 is targeted at farmers. It's like this: if you're a farmer and some GMO "accidentally" ends up in your crops - from winds, birds, or bees, you're not allowed to use the seed. What's worse, Monsanto can sue you for patent infringement, and claim your entire crop.

Farmer Percy Schmeiser discovered that his crops contaminated with GMO canola. When he claimed the seeds from the plants, because they were growing on his land, Monsanto sued for patent infringement and won.

But these kinds of contamination happen all the time, and are impossible to prevent. Organic farmer Steve Marsh was shocked to discover GM infestation on 70% of his thousand acre farm. All of it, brought by wind.

Soon enough, all crops could become GMO... and Monsanto can claim property rights on just about ANY living thing that carries their engineered genes. For farmers, it's "join or die"... so if they're not paying the hefty license fees every year, they're writing their own tickets to bankruptcy. This means higher food prices, and no freedom to feed your family how you want to. It's GMOs or the highway.

When they're not busy suing farmers, the monopolies are buying up all remaining seed companies. This is deadly attack #2: an all-out assault on independent seed producers. Control the seeds, you control the food. Control the food, you control the population. Since the mid 90's, five biotech corporations - Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow and DuPont - have swallowed more than 200 small independent seed companies. Now they control the horizontal and the vertical... what farmers plant, and what you eat.

All over the worlds, farmers are getting desperate. So desperate that in fact, the high cost of seeds has led to mass suicides amongst farmers in India.

And should someone try to escape Big Agri's touch of death, these elites have another secret weapon in their arsenal. They're called "Terminator Seeds" - and with this, they won't even have to use the excuse of "patent infringement".

Terminator seeds, or 'suicide' seeds, are genetically modified to not produce any offspring.

What this means is that farmers have to buy new seeds for each planting, forcing them to become dependent on the major seed suppliers. And since Big Agri now has a monopoly on seed production... you can imagine that prices are only going up.

The GMO companies have been denying all claims that they're working on terminator seed technology... but at the same time, they've been pushing for the use of terminator seeds in rising economies like Brazil. You can be sure that once some so-called independent lab gives the green light, terminator seeds will come to the US.

In the very near future, if you don't have your garden or and your family may be left without choice, and forced to put up with Monsanto's questionable GMOs all the time.

And why isn't the government doing anything about all this?
Simple - because the very same people who used to run Monsanto... are now running things in Washington. The very "food safety czar" in the Food & Drug Administration, Michael R. Taylor, was a Vice President and lobbyist for Monsanto. That's a bit like putting the wolves in charge of guarding the sheep.

Fact is, the government is making it difficult, if not impossible, to grow your own food.

Just recently, the state of Michigan has ruled that local governments can ban all chickens, goats, honey bees and other animals from farms with another residential house less than 250 feet away. This creates the grounds for the mass criminalization of small backyard farms. In the future, you either buy your food from companies like Monsanto, or you could go to jail.

This is the same state where the Department of Natural Resources forced a local farmer to shoot down all his pigs, for being of the wrong "race", but without even specifying how the "right" race should look like. The same state where Julie Bass from Oak Park almost did jail for showing her kids how to grow vegetables in their garden.

Make no mistake, this sort of stuff is spreading all over the US. Because Democrats and Republicans alike are pushing bills that would regulate small farms into extinction.

Just recently, Senator Feinstein pushed for the "Egg Product Inspection Amendments" bill... an act that almost established egg factory cages as a national standard. The bill would have been disastrous to small chicken farmers - but for now we're still safe, at least until the next assault.

Another close call was Senate Bill #510 - a bill that wanted to let the FDA - and therefore Monsanto - to decide what food is safe, and what isn't. Guess what, according to them, GMOs are good. The bill was a direct hit at small farmers, and at natural produce. And in the name of protecting the American people from food poisoning, the bill came within inches from criminalizing small organic and natural farmers.

The bottom line is, even if you would want to grow your own food, it would be hard. This heavy trend towards regulating small farmers and even hobbyist gardeners means that pretty soon, we won't even be allowed to grow or own food - and there will be nothing you can do about it, other than pay Big Agri.

In my quest to preserve my food liberty, I stumbled upon an automated "microfarming" method that gives you 2-3x more yield than conventional gardening, in a very small space.

It'll provide the essential proteins your family needs...especially during a crisis when the supermarkets run out of food. You'll get fresh meat and vegetables for literally pennies on the dollar...all year round.

Not only that, your automated 'microfarm' will not be likely to be regulated by the authorities, unlike other food production methods (I'll explain why in just a moment).

Plus, the system is designed so that it won't be easily detected by the authorities. This method was actually first used by weed growers to grow cannabis in states where they were not allowed to do so. It's because you can grow your own plants and vegetables in a very small space, and some people are even doing it in their basement or closets.

The system was born by combining the soil-less practice of "hydroponics", and fish farming.

You may have heard of hydroponics.

It requires very little space, gives high yields throughout the year... and even NASA is using it in space.

Yet it's also complicated to set-up... requires a lot of water... and the nitrogen-rich plant food can be very expensive.

Fish farming on the other hand gives all the protein you need to survive...

...that you simply can't get from tomatoes or broccoli. But it's also impractical and dirty. It creates a lot of waste that's toxic to the fish. And filtering that waste can get really expensive...really fast. This system gets the best from hydroponics and fish farming... with none of the drawbacks. The ammonia-rich fish waste is turned into the perfect plant food... while in turn the plants purify the water for the fish.

It's win-win-win... for the plants, the fish, but mostly for you - because there's no watering required, no fertilizing, no bending, and actually no real work.

It's like a pocket-sized garden of Eden...The plants purify the water for the fish... while the fish do all the hard work for you, fertilizing the plants with their waste. Fish and plants sustain each other in an almost perfect balance. You get tasty fish and juicy vegetables... almost without lifting a finger.

This system is called aquaponics, and in just a few minutes, I'll show you can have one in your home... without spending more than the price of two meals at a fancy restaurant...providing a constant supply of food for you and your family, almost on autopilot.

You may be asking:

How Much Food Can You Get Out Of The System?

In arid Australia, where people are battling record-setting temperatures and severe water restrictions... there were some reporting that from a tiny 300 sqft backyard, every single month you could get around 80 lbs of juicy tomatoes...15 lbs of bell peppers... 60 lbs of delicious zucchini... 60 lbs of cucumbers...not to mention onions, beets, radishes, spinach, and even some carrots.

On top of that, you can get about 700 lbs of fish every single year!

Regulations Are Unlikely To Affect This Food Production System

Learning about aquaponics got me really excited...because from my research, most of the excuses to regulate farmers are due to "noise" or "smell from the animals. Fish are not noisy and don't the system can be designed to be discrete.

However, upon further digging, there was a catch...and it also left me a little frustrated. They were using commercial aquaponics systems and each one costs more than $6000.

$6000 for an aquaponics system was out of my I was determined to find a way to create my own system for under a few hundred dollars...and it needs to be as good as the commercial ones.

However, it seemed that all the plans I could find on the internet was either confusing or downright worthless. The books I read lacked essential details, or were too academic and complex. And the people I talked to were just weekend enthusiasts who couldn't help me with my goal.

But I kept hearing stories about a professor who knew a way to make aquaponics systems... just as good as the retail ones... for just a few hundred bucks.

His name was Nate Storey - a very unusual PhD and part-time inventor...

...whose main specialty and passion was in designing high density "vertical aquaponics" systems.

After a few minutes with him on the phone, I instantly knew I was talking to one of the most knowledgeable experts on earth in aquaponics.

I paid Nate for his time and asked him whether he could help me build a simple, inexpensive yet powerful aquaponics system...and on one more condition: I didn't want any academic mumbo-jumbo...

...this had to be so simple, my 12 year old would be able to build it.

Nate did a lot more than that. We brainstormed together what would make the ultimate aquaponics blueprint...specifically designed with complete self sufficiency as a goal... for the absolute beginner who has zero DIY experience. Plus he also agreed to show me how it's done... step by step... in front of the camera!

Nate brought his 10 years of aquaponics research... and the result was nothing short of amazing: a simple, step by step "blueprint" that anyone can use to make their own aquaponics system the lazy way.

Our total costs: just $190... that included $40 for a pair of extra hands, and $75 on a part that we could have probably gotten for free.

The program is called:

"Backyard Liberty - The Smart, Easy Way to Food Independence"


After we finished it, I showed it to a very small, select group of my best friends and readers.

Robert said: "Alec, I went through the material twice. I can't believe how easy this is. It took me 2 hours to put the system together and at every single step I felt like you guys were there with me to guide me."

Olivia said: "I now feel some sort of inner peace that I never had before. We know we'll have plenty of food no matter what happens, and before Backyard Liberty it just wasn't the case."

And here's what Mac Slavo, the owner of had to say:

"This is, hands down, the most easy to use Aquaponics instructional guide I've ever seen. When we talk about preparedness, food sustainability is at the top of the list, and with Backyard Liberty you get just that. It's a complete homegrown system that will ensure your survival in the event of long-term interruptions to our food supply."

Imagine - $190 for a system... and then maybe another hundred bucks in yearly costs... for a lifetime of healthy, disaster-proof food.It's probably the simplest, easiest to use A to Z blueprints... that ANYONE can use to make their own food with aquaponics...and it doesn't matter if you've never built anything before (or if you've never done any gardening in your entire life).

Look: when I discovered Aquaponics, I knew that I had found a gold mine. The benefits are nothing short of amazing.

In the near future, instead of being forced to rely on Big Food or Big Government for their "frankenfoods" and your family will always have fresh, healthy meat and vegetables on your plate.

And because this miraculous system is producing food for your family on autopilot 24/7...some of my clients reported that they slashed

their grocery expenses by more than 80% within the first month...and some have so much food that they are even giving it away!

It's also the ultimate food source in a crisis. When a disaster strikes, grocery stores will be empty within a few hours. Those who do not have a stockpile will be forced to beg for scraps in order to survive.

But you and your family will have nutritious fish and vegetables on your plates, even if you don't have money to afford a conventional stockpile...and it's all because you have your powerful yet discrete aquaponics system.

The system hardly need any water. In fact, the Backyard Liberty system requires only 10% of the water used in regular gardening...because all the water is recycled between the fish tank and the growing beds... so you never lose water to soil absorption... only through evaporation.

That also means you'll recoup your investment fast, because you no longer have to pay for water.

It's probably the only way to grow food in colder areas like New England... in the middle of winter. In fact, we shot the video in January, and you can still see the snow! Unlike regular gardening, with aquaponics you'll still have plenty of food in the cold months!

Aquaponics requires about half the space you need for gardening. Combine it with a way to grow your vegetables vertically, and it takes even less space! Palestinians are actually doing aquaponics on rooftops... so you don't even need a backyard! Heck, you can even put one in your basement!

Using less space means that it's easier to protect from looters... and also easier to keep it a secret from a nosy neighbor!

Plus: there's no fertilization required. Just feed the fish... and the fish will fertilize the plants. When all you do is feed the fish for 5 minutes, and harvest vegetables for another 5... this gives you crucial time to do more important things in a crisis.

While others will be busy dumpster diving for food... your "miniature food factory" takes care of itself. You'll have more time to protect your family... to learn a valuable skill you can barter with... or to be the "Rick Grimes" of your community.

There's no bending required. You grow your vegetables in raised growing beds... so if you suffer from a bad back, you don't have to worry about straining it at the worst of times.

And now, you too can join in on the miracle of Aquaponics. Here's my promise to you: if you can push "play" and watch a short video ONCE... you have all you need to make your own "pocket sized Garden of Eden"... and have a perpetual source of food for a lifetime.

If you want the fastest way to become completely self sufficient without having a farm...then this is it.

It's a step by step, newbie friendly program that will take you by the hand... and put fresh food on your table in as little as 4 weeks... so you can slash your grocery bill almost immediately, without having to wait for a disaster to happen.

But most of all, it will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, should a disaster strike, your family won't be at the mercy of others.

The "Backyard Liberty" program is jam-packed with all the knowledge you need to have super-success with aquaponics - not in years of trial & error, but in as little as a month!

In this program, we'll show the perfect alternative to a $4000 fish tank. At $75, this is the most expensive part of the system... but sometimes it's even free to collect!

It took Nate Storey 10 years to refine his method. Sweat and literally tears to see it finally work. But in the program, we're giving you our fool-proof shortcut so you don't have to make the same rookie mistakes all over again. Aquaponics can be super-easy... and almost "hands-free"... but only when you have the whole recipe, and not just bits and pieces.

We'll show you how to grow big, juicy tomatoes that would make your neighbors envious. And wait until they see your radishes, broccoli, or even carrots! Lots of folks are saying that you can't grow carrots with aquaponics, but we'll show you a simple technique that lets you grow almost everything you want!

You don't even need a backyard... We'll show you how to grow on a rooftop, in a garage, or even in a basement. Heck, you can even grow strawberries in winter... with a special technique we'll share with you.

You'll discover three sturdy species of fish that you don't have to babysit... and a popular one that can get you into trouble with the law. You'll get simple, step by step written instructions, but the best part is the video portion of the training... because you'll see every little detail, every single step... on your screen... and you can replay it as often as you want.

But you won't have to. This is so easy, I guarantee that all you have to do is watch the video ONCE... and you'll know how to make your Backyard Liberty system. No fancy jargon, no academic lingo, no technical mumbo jumbo that will take an engineering degree to understand.

One frequent comment that I'm getting is.. "Alec, this sounds too good to be true. Will I be able to build this, even if I'm 70 and not very handy with tools?" The answer is, making a Backyard Liberty system is simple, quick and easy.

Sure, there's some cutting to do... and you might want to have someone help you fill the growing beds. When we shot the video, we got lazy and paid someone $40 to give us a hand.

Fact is, you DON'T have to build this yourself, if you don't want to. But if you choose to do it, it will be the most exciting 2-hoursyou've had in years! Your kids are going to love helping you build it... but also feeding... and catching the fish!

"Backyard Liberty" is THE solution, if you want to be self sufficient with aquaponics. It's an A to Z, step by step, "take you by the hand" blueprint for having healthy fish and fresh vegetables in just 10 minutes a day.

But even though we've tried to make the program as complete as possible... I know that there will always be more questions. That's why with the program, you also get 12 months of unlimited email access - where you get to ask me and Nate Storey just about everything related to Backyard Liberty.

That's one full year when you get to ask us as many questions as you want!

Before I tell you how you can get your hands on the program, let me ask you a much is it worth to become food independent, and not having to rely on the government and Big Food for your daily meals...and instead of being forced to eat the GMO poison like most Americans would eventually have have the ability to put healthy, organic food on you and your loved one's plates.

The "Backyard Liberty" program will show you how to get your own aquaponics system for just $190. Get fresh food in as little as 4 weeks. Start saving thousands of dollars on groceries every year - and put that money into something more useful. Buy more ammo. Get better protection. Or just enjoy life the way you want to.

I know of many "aquaponics" experts creating a weekend seminar and charging $500 to $1000 for it.

We could do that too...but "Backyard Liberty" was born from the idea that "food independence" should be something everyone can afford. So I'm not going to ask you to invest $1000 in this training even though I know it's worth at least that. It won't cost you $500 either.

Heck it won't even cost you $247 even though my wife tells me that should be the absolute minimum I should offer this training for because it's so valuable. No. I decided to do something that might sound a bit crazy.

I'm going to set the price of "Backyard Liberty" at just $67. But as long as this presentation is up - I'll let you have the complete program for just $37 today.

But the only way to secure your spot in the program is to click the Add to Cart button now.

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I can't guarantee that I can keep this price for longer, especially since we're giving 12 months of unlimited email support... so don't get mad if you come here in a few days and see that the price has gone back up.

And really... the price doesn't even matter.

That's because you're covered by Alec Deacon's "60 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee".

Here's how this works: Just say "maybe" to the "Backyard Liberty" program. If you have ever watched a short video and followed simple instructions, then you already have all you need to know to have an endless supply of food for your family. We've made this as newbie-friendly as we could.

Watch the short and simple video. It takes less than an episode of the Walking Dead to know how to make a Backyard Liberty system.

You have to be completely thrilled with how easy this is to build and with how much food you're getting for your family... or simply send me or my staff an email in the next 60 days and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

There's more: I'm willing to bet my own money that anyone can build this. So if for some reason you tried to build your own Backyard Liberty system and couldn't, just send me some proof that you at least tried... and I'll refund you whatever you paid on supplies, up to $190.

There's not one aquaponics training program with a bolder guarantee. You risk nothing.

It will be hard to find a better proposition than this. And if you're still having second thoughts, simply click the "Add to Cart" button below, enter your credit card details and you'll receive the full "Backyard Liberty" package so you can get started right away.

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